Racism 101: Are you a Racist?: Occupy Wall Street is Dead to Me


In the beginning, I was on board. Things happened, things I am not going to get into in this particular post, that made me want to post less and keep a certain amount of distance.

Still, I wanted to believe in the overall cause.

I can no longer make excuses. I can no longer pretend that they…

Fuck the Occupy movement for their attempt to derail the struggle against institutional racism to gain support for their cause. Disgusting.

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    did this motherfucker even look at the blog they were accusing of being paid by ~the 1%~ to fuck up OWS? seriously?...
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    This is so fucking sad
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    I’ve never been a big fan and this just proves that my suspicions were correct.
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    The only thing I can say is that the NY OWS seems to have lost its way.
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    saw and heard about this too, and how the hoodie protestors left their asses there looking stupid for 3 hours i also...
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    struggle against institutional racism...cause. Disgusting.
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    i wish i wasn’t as fucking surprised as I am right now that that shit happened. holy fucking shit. FUCK.
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